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Welcome to Taunton Vale Rotary Club

Taunton Vale Rotary Club has been in existence since its Charter was issued in 1981. Whilst the Club has a lively social calendar which promotes fellowship among members there is also a strong emphasis on Service for others.
During the 40 years the Club has existed, members have raised over £500,000; been responsible for initiating the development of a local Abbeyfield Care Home (members continue to serve on the Trustee Committee); Taunton Opportunity Group (TOG) - another organisation where members are actively involved with the day to day management; and ran the It's Child's Play Project with the specific aim of raising funds for the Children's Hospice South West. We support the Taunton East development project where a number of our members are Trustees or mentors, helping families find ways to support themselves and move forward.
The Club continues to work to assist local and international charities.
Club members choose a working group responsible for a particular aspect of Club activity.

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