Giving Kenyan children a better chance

Giving Kenyan children a better chance

Over the past few years, Taunton Vale Rotarians have been supporting a rural school in Kenya.   The school provides education to 200 pupils aged from 4 to 16.

In early 2018, the area was hit by torrential floods which washed away the latrines which previously provided the only toilet facilities for both staff and pupils.  Taunton Vale Rotary stepped in and paid for new latrines and added washing facilities for the first time.

More recently the club has financed the rebuilding of a number of classrooms and paid for a one kilometre pipeline to be laid, bringing safe drinking water to the school for the first time.

The school has only the most basic educational equipment, no realistic access to computers or the internet.   Taunton Vale Rotary club is seeking to work with local Rotary Clubs in Africa and other charities in the U.K. or elsewhere that might assist in improving the life chances of the young people served by the school.