Health and Safety (Covid-19)

It is vital these are read and agreed to by all walkers before you sign up.

How to keep yourself and your team safe and well

COVID-19 means additional Terms and Conditions apply this year but please also read the standard Terms & Conditions.

    Before you travel to Moonraker● Stay home if you feel unwell. Please don’t come to the event if you or any of your team members feel sick or have COVID-19 symptoms of a) a high temperature, b) a new continuous cough or c) a loss or change to your sense of smell or taste.● Plan your journey to ensure safe car sharing● Plan to arrive 20 minutes before you walk start time, no earlier as you cannot be accommodated other than at the time notified to you.● Arrive at your muster point – this will be supplied in your final instructions) ready to go. Remember to bring additional items this year, face masks for each team member, a portable bottle of hand gel and medical grade gloves.● Bring your bank card, you may need it if you wish to buy additional food/drinks from our Refreshment Van
    When you arrive● Use hand sanitising stations. These will be at Reception, at each Checkpoint and in the Refreshment Area.● Follow social distancing signs● Be prepared to wear your face mask if requested to do so at any of the common areas (including Reception and Checkpoints)
    Acting Responsibly● It is essential that the COVID-19 restrictions are adhered to – this is a condition of entry● If a faster team catches up your team be prepared to find a safe place to stop and let them pass● Do NOT mix your team with other teams.● Teams cannot amalgamate. If this is found to be happening teams involved will be disqualified and asked to leave●  Follow instructions being given by any marshals – they are doing their jobs to keep you safe.
    After the event● If within 3 days of the event one of your team members tests positive for COVID-19 you must inform us immediately